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all brands
through 1976
Gottlieb, Bally,
Williams, Exhibit, United,
Chicago Coin, 
Genco, etc.

You can contact Pinball Atelier for small repairs at home and high-quality restorations carried out in the studio in Haarlem.

We restore the cabinet of your pinball machine with airbrush so that it regains its original fresh colors. Small repairs of, for example, scratches are also possible. The colors are carefully mixed by hand. 

We also restore playing fields using authentic techniques such as screen printing. This allows the pinball machine to retain its vintage look, with the freshness of when it left the factory. 


Feel free to contact us without any obligation and ask about the possibilities. We're happy to help.

Pinball machines are icons from a bygone era


For decades they were set up in cafes, lunchrooms, bowling centers and laundries. Today, however, you rarely see them in public places. Most pinball machines were written off after a few years of operation and ended up in the scrap heap. Only a small part ended up with enthusiasts who wanted to experience the magic of the pinball machine at home. Today there is a renewed interest in "vintage" objects such as furniture, clothing and electrical equipment from the fifties, sixties and seventies. The old pinball machine fits in seamlessly with its friendly themes, colors and pleasant noise. 


Pinball Atelier is committed to preserving these wondrous machines by repairing, restoring and reconstructing them!


Pinball Atelier is a sponsor of the Dutch Pinball Museum in Rotterdam 

The Dutch Pinball Museum has a wonderful collection of pinball machines ranging from beautiful wooden trifles from the 1940s to the very latest electronic models. A large part of the collection is on permanent display and can be played.
Pinball Atelier regularly restores pinball machines for the Dutch Pinball Museum!

Welcome to Pinball Atelier, your specialist for
electromechanical pinball machines with over 30 years of experience

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