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Pinball Chime Units

- Pinball Chime Unit - The typical pinball sound is made by the chimes. The cheerful tones enliven the game and make the player aware of the points scored.

Pinball Atelier proudly presents the
Universal Chime Unit with sound box

While restoring pinball machines, I noticed that the chime unit is often missing. This is a shame because these characteristic pinball sounds greatly enhance the game experience! However, original chime units are difficult to find online. That's why I decided to create an universal chime, suitable for all well-known pinball machine brands: the Universal Chime Unit.

The Sound Box is a crucial part of the chime unit, deepening and amplifying the tones for a rich, resonant sound that fills the air. Pinball Atelier has expertly refined the Universal Chime Unit's soundbox for a breathtaking sound with deep, resonant tones and soft, delicate overtones that create an authentic sound experience.
The Universal Chime is the result of in-depth research and development, culminating in a pinball chime unit that is truly unparalleled in its craftsmanship and design. Every element has been carefully applied and tested by hand.

In the early 1970s, almost all manufacturers replaced the round metal bells with so-called "chimes". These chime units consisted of 1 to 4 metal bars that produced different tones. The most commonly used chime unit contained three tones. The chime units were even used in electronic pinball machines until the early 1980s!

With a guarantee of proper functioning and exchange possible within two weeks!

Materials and satisfaction guarantee
The Universal Chime Unit is constructed from premium materials, including a high-quality galvanized steel frame and aluminum tonebars, with NEW coils. Each component has been extensively tested to ensure proper functionality, and Pinball Atelier offers a satisfaction guarantee with a full refund policy.     

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