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Pinball Atelier has over 30 years of experience in repairing electromechanical pinball machines. Repairs at home and in the workshop in Haarlem. Custom service! Inquire about the possibilities and ask for advice and a quote without obligation.

Repair of minor defects or a full technical


A pinball machine that is played regularly and suddenly shows a defect can usually be repaired faster than a pinball machine that has stood still in a damp basement for 20 years.

Minor malfunctions such as a faulty flipper can usually be repaired on the spot. Pinball machines that have stood still for a long time almost always need a major overhaul. During a major overhaul I will clean your pinball machine both inside and out. The hundreds of electrical contacts are cleaned and adjusted. The playing field parts are disassembled piece by piece and cleaned separately. I treat the playing field with wax so that the game regains its original speed and is protected against wear. Defective lights and missing parts such as bumper caps are restored.
The result is a pinball machine that plays as smoothly as when it left the factory!

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