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Robert Lambermont

visual arts

Pinball Atelier was founded by visual artist Robert Lambermont

"As a teenager I became fascinated with mechanical pinball machines. It was not only playing these strange machines that fascinated me, but also the technology that goes into them and the graphics that made my heart beat faster. I was constantly looking for and buying pinball machines at flea markets and through the Yellow Pages When I turned 20 years old I had 14 pinball machines in the attic of my parent's house.

After graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld art academy in Amsterdam, I sold a large part of my collection in order to fully focus on my work as a visual artist. However, the pinball machine did not completely disappear from my life: Several objects that I have sold to museums and art collectors are more or less inspired by pinball machines. 

In 2013 I decided to focus on repairing pinball machines again in addition to the visual arts. The technical knowledge I have gained from the visual arts comes in very handy when restoring pinball machines. I have an extensive workshop with screen printing equipment, airbrush and wood and metalworking equipment." RL   

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